Las Marietas Eco Discovery – Vallarta Adventures

If you are in the Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta area I’m sure you have seen many signs for Vallarta Adventures. And if you haven’t arrived yet they are the company to take! Yes, there have larger boats with possibly more people on them but its not overly crowded.

The company and staff are very efficient. Have great order and are precise with everything – from safety, to instructions on how to swim into the hidden beach (be aware it is not guarenteed that your trip will be able to go – it all depends on the ocean)

Totally recommend this trip – all of our friends who have also gone on it have loved it all! Take advantage of kayaking, paddle boarding and snorkeling – even if you have never done any of them before give it a shot! The crews are there to help you and may even kayak along with you!

Things to Bring With You For the Day

    • Dramamine – take only half a table so you don’t get too sleepy if you have motion sickness, the waves have been known to be a bit larger in the morning during the departure.
    • Sunscreen – travel size – Reapply after going into the cave or water activities, even if it is cloudy you will get lots of sun during all of the water activities.
    • Sweatshirt or Hoodie – A must for the morning there as you may leave before dark and being on the boat it can be quite chilly
    • Microfiber Beach & Travel Towel – For after the water activities, will also help keep you warm without having to put your hoodie back on. And these dry really easily!
    • Waterproof Camera – A must! If you can wrap it around your wrist or head while swimming into the cave you will be thankful! Also for snorkeling the water is really clear to get great footage and underwater pictures of you and your friends.

Go Pro Under Water

  • WATER Resistant Bag – To throw all of your stuff into before leaving the boat, we just wrapped our wallet/id in a piece of clothing and had no issues of feeling like anything would get stolen.
  • Plastic Baggies – Throw your phone or anything else in that you wouldn’t want to get wet.

The ocean could have thousands of teeny tiny jellyfish in the area, large waves crashing violently into the rocks above where you will be swimming and/or the water is way to high and there won’t be any sand for you to stand on once you swim through the cave with the Vallarta Adventures Crew.

Hidden Beach

You can see how small the opening can be to the cave – but still worth it and not as scary once swimming underneath

The best thing about this trip is they bring photographers along with you everywhere you go! Yes of course they want you to buy the pictures at the end of the day. BUT they really aren’t that much especially if you are traveling with a group of people really easy to split the cost and everyone is happy with pictures of themselves!

The food that is included with your ticket price is great – basic for breakfast but not out of the ordinary AND the lunch is sandwich options! Everything we had was amazing. Of course there is the open bar after all of the water activities that is a nice treat to end off your day! Perfect to sit and sip on a nice cold margarita while humpback whale watching! *During January, February and March you will more than likely see at least one!

Go Pro under water

Go Pro under water

Lastly, when you get into the smaller boat to head out to the caves JUST JUMP in the water you will NOT REGRET it!

Go Pro Under water

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