Pesos & How much to Spend when taking Taxis

Traveling somewhere during the middle of winter is always a good idea if you are from somewhere that the winters are very very cold and last for more than 4-5 months (or just go away no matter where you live to get a little more Vitamin Don your skin) but what is even better is when you can go somewhere and SAVE MONEY while traveling, living and/or working.

It’s been a good way for us to save money!

*Make sure to listen on how to treat everyone right while still saving yourself some money*

The trick we found in the beginning was to ASK your taxi driver the cost before getting in – OR ask your hotel/condo staff. Another thing to do is ask other taxi drivers the costs to and from places. Usually they will tell you the truth and aren’t expecting to get paid more!

A lot of places – like in Sayulita have signs and actually get upset if they hear that another driver is trying to charge more! Everyone is on your side.

The ONLY thing that we have found sometimes you will get charge way too much for a 5 – 10 min drive if it is in the evening. So instead of asking we just started basing our knowledge of 3 – 4 weeks being here and judging the distance then just handing the amount accordingly.

If the driver has a problem with the price they’ll let you know and I haven’t found it to be more than 10 or 20 more pesos which has always been reasonable!

The best thing for us is that our favorite taxi driver, Martin pictured above told us where to save quite a bit on taxis when leaving the airport! Which if you are going to be going back and forth several times without your own car is definitely worth doing!

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