Places to Eat in Bucerias, Mexico

So we love living in Nuevo Vallarta – however the only downside is there isn’t a lot of local good mexican food in the area that is outstanding or people have recommended to us! SO we go to Bucerias, Mexico which is a 5 – 10 min taxi ride, 40 – 60 min walk on the beach OR a 20 min bike ride!

Really easy to get too and middle of Nuevo Vallarta you don’t need to spend more than 100 – 120 pesos to get there!

Tacos Juniors

Tacos Juniors in Bucerias, Mexico


Places we have eaten and LOVED and the ones we HAVE NOT liked so much:

  • El Payo – Known for their mariscos and pescados (Our fav taxi driver Martin recommended it!) But we LOVED their chicken enchiladas! Both the Rojo and Verde are great!!
  • Taco Lindas – Rated really high on Trip Advisor however we were not impressed at all – the only decent tacos were the vegetarian ones! *This is one we’d avoid*
  • Encore – Across the street from Taco Lindas is a restaurant, Encore that sometimes has live music, we had a drink and some food there – WAY OVER PRICED and the food WAS NOT impressive. So I’d recommend avoiding it!
  • Tacos Juniors – Similar to a chain but if you love AL PASTOR Tacos – Eat here! Watch at the 3 min mark of this video. You get five decent size tacos for 55 pesos. Honestly much much better than Taco Lindas but its off of HWY 200 so not as common for tourist but the locals recommended it to us and it hasn’t disappointed. But WHAT YOU MUST GET is the Gringas…. flour tortilla grilled cheese than al pastor meat with amazing toppings! 

    These are the Gringas

  • Paninos – OUR FAVORITE place to get great healthy food. They have lots of gluten-free options, great sandwiches that you can’t find anywhere else for a very reasonable price! An amazingly homemade lemonade drinks with ginger that you will leave satisfied. ALSO great dessert! Go here if you have one day in Bucerias and want to eat something amazing that isn’t local Mexican food.  *You will see around the 1 min what it looks like out front*
  • Miguel Angel – The BEST Mojito You will have anywhere in the area – not too sweet and when ours were made the guy hand crushed the mint leaves for a good 5 mins! The food has great servings – amazing hot salsa but the food wasn’t GREAT. But good!

Go to the 1:20 min mark to see what Bucerias, Mexico is like!

Because there aren’t a lot of local Mexican joints around we have made lots of Mexican styled food (my mother was born near Mexico City so I grew up eating it all the time! Check out an easy way to make Mexican Rice HERE!

Pair it with some refried beans, black beans or on top of a tostado its great! We haven’t had good mexican rice anywhere else that has been better than mi abuelita’s old recipe!

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