Sand Fleas in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

So, its a mystery that people have been trying to solve for years when traveling to the Bahia de Banderas area (Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerias, & Sayulita) about these bug bites you get known now as ‘no-seeums’.

The first week we were here it was so confusing as you’d go for a short walk on the beach or hang out by the pool and the next morning wake up with extremely itchy bites around your ankles, hands, shoulders… just random places.

Its not like us or the friends that were visiting were rolling around in the sand!

*Watch the 1 minute mark to learn how to get rid of bug bites quickly when on vacation*

We tried soooo many things – I put baby powder down on all the mattresses to possibly suffocate unknown bed bugs – so thankful that wasn’t the cause. Went crazy with bug spray (still am) spraying the bathrooms, doors to the patio, everywhere! Honestly, no matter where you travel I’d recommend if you are staying more than one or two nights bringing baby powder with you to avoid anything on the mattresses you are sleeping on. Simply sprinkle the baby powder directly onto the mattress underneath the fitted sheet to ensure good nights of sleep while on vacation!

The problem was finding where they were coming from – but the bigger problem how the heck to get them to go away and stop itching! Yes cortisone cream helped a little bit but honestly the ONLY thing that work with them not swelling up and lingering for more than a week was Vaseline !

Make sure you bring some with you or grab a small bottle when you arrive – even if you will only be visiting as there isn’t really a way of protecting yourself from the ‘NO SEE UMS’ but getting rid of them as soon as possible will help make your trip or few months living in the area much more enjoyable!

It isn’t a bad idea to have Bug Repellentwith you if you are coming in the more humid months (end of February, March and then into Summer) to help avoid the mosquitos if you are planning on doing any hiking or going on one of the many day trips that are offered!

What the Bites Look Like

What the Bites Look Like

What the Bites Look Like

What the Bites Look Like

There have been a few cases of Dengue Fever in our building since its been more humid so don’t worry to much just be smart about where you spend your time and apply bug spray!

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