Sayulita – Best Tacos You’ll Ever Eat

Sayulita… is great. And so is Naty’s Tacos! For 13 pesos you can’t go wrong! They have chicken with chipotle, chicken without, steak, fish, you can get it with beans or rice. They have fresh juice, all the toppings you could want and the tacos are not small or ‘weak’ considering they are only 13 pesos each! They also have great vegetarian options… are only open until 3/4pm so don’t be disappointed if you are trying to make it there for dinner!

We loved Mary’s Tacos as well on the main drag – a bit more costly but if you are looking for some killer shrimp tacos eat here!

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We love Sayulita to be there for a few hours at a time.. if you don’t mind packed beaches and having to walk or take a four wheeler or golf cart down to the sand everyday then this is the place for you! It is fun to walk around and meet the locals… the shops are a bit more high end with their quality and price but a fun variety non the less!

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