Visiting Tasmania


How beautiful of a city.. in an amazing state of Australia.. We took a short 50 min flight from Melbourne to see Tasmania for the first time (for all of us) over the weekend.

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We had an amazing dinner on the wharf (pier) at Tavern 42 degrees at 3pm since we had been up since 3:30am our internal clocks were a bit off… our food was absolutely wonderful though we sat there for 3 hours just enjoying each other.. the view.. wine (Tasmania is known for their homegrown Rieslings)… food and atmosphere!

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Mt. Wellington


We drove here first thing after arriving into Hobart to see the beautiful overview of the city below…. it was freezing up top even though it is summer here… :)


Wineglass Bay

Our first full day here we packed up the car and drove down to Coles Bay for a couple hours hike to reach the infamous Wineglass Bay Beach… Below is a lookout on our drive there and a wallaby hanging around the parking lot…

IMG_3741.JPG  IMG_3326.JPG


We had about a 30 min walk to the ‘lookout’ point picture of Cordie and my sister Elizabeth below… can you see how the coastline resembles a wineglass?




Richmond Bridge 

On our drive back to Hobart we stopped through the historic town Richmond… this bridge is the oldest in all of Australia and where most of the convicts were taken across before going to prison.. the town was completely closed down by the time we reached it but it was a nice short stop to see the bridge.


Salamanca Market

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Cascade Brewery

Tasmania Brewery.

This is the day I fell in love with Ciders and have been chasing anything that will come close to the ciders they brew here and DO NOT ship out of the state!

IMG_3452.JPG IMG_3431-0.JPG    IMG_3418.JPG

Cradle Mountain

I won’t do justice trying to explain the different hikes/day walks one can do in this National Park but if you look at the above link you’ll get an idea that there about 20 different options you could take!


Above and below is at the end of our trek at Cradle Lake after walking two hours around Dove Lake up to Marion’s Lookout and back down again…

2014-12-21 14.32.50

Isn’t it just beautiful?! If you ever make it to Tasmania.. you MUST spend at least one day here hiking/walking see the amazing views and landscape. Just make sure you bring a hoodie year round as it gets cold on top of the mountains.

2014-12-21 14.22.44

Our way down from Marion’s Lookout we went via Rooney Creek where there are known to be many wombats… you can see Elizabeth and I walking the bridge ‘searching’ for them :)

2014-12-21 15.32.55

The way the grass and landscape reminded us all of The Lord of the Rings.. to say the least it was an amazing day!

2014-12-21 15.31.59

I can’t express to you how excited all three of us where to FINALLY spot a wallaby in the wild… and just as we were 15 mins from our destination! This guy started at the top of a hill…. slowly making his way down towards us…



Went underneath the bridge we were standing on… then continued on his way.. can you spot him behind us? Yes, I am squinting to see if he/she is in the frame.. :)


2014-12-21 15.45.42-1

After this guy we saw three more on our way back… and after an 8+ mile walking/hiking day we were thoroughly content that we got to see some more wildlife to finish it off!

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