What To Do in Downtown Puerto Vallarta

The Malecon or Los Muertos area is considered as Downtown Puerto Vallarta (I think to everyone but maybe just foreigners) is a lot of fun! There is a great boardwalk that will take you all the way to the end of the area… Close to what is known as the Romantic Zone!

There is great food along the way… personally our favorites have been the local mexican food stand that come out at night and/or Vicky’s Tamales are the only tamales you will find in the area. Our favorite taxi driver and now friend, Martin told us that THE BEST tamales he can think of in the area is a 30 min drive… and he wasn’t suggesting it to take us there for more money or anything… So that stinks as Vicky’s dulled my craving but they weren’t very warm so they weren’t amazing!!!!

There are lots of places for shopping downtown, good popsicles. :) and at night lots of entertainment… A common water ceremony were four men hang upside down from their feet as a guy at the top spins them and another one plays music on a recorder like device!

Food – was hit and miss the couple of times we have gone… but a drink on the beach after the sun goes down is a must.

THERE IS ONE place I would recommend you eating if you are living in the Nuevo Vallarta/Bucerias area and have already been exposed to good food. Palapa – THE BEST FISH TACOS ever. The only bad news is they only serve them during lunch at the Palapa that is – one of the last places on the boardwalk if you start from the beginning and walk the whole way!

los muertos beach - tq

This is from the bridge towards the end of the “Boardwalk”

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