Why living in Melbourne is the best decision you’ll ever make!

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Lots of time on the train, tram and buses… but we did walk AT LEAST 2-3 miles EVERY DAY!! Trying to do that here at home as well isn’t as easy when you have a car to drive to the grocery store..

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We lOVED our Australian COFFEE and miss it very much..

IMG_5547.JPG   IMG_5550.JPG IMG_5552.JPG IMG_5551.JPG

Sooo good to catch up with so many old friends and meet new ones too!

IMG_5548.JPG  IMG_5544.JPG 38FF3671-23C7-4253-BC77-BD5574B8B3C3 ECF9C180-8F81-44D5-AD70-699500FB4ABA 6271A30A-13F8-437F-A3F5-5787B963F70EIMG_5549.JPGIMG_5533.JPG IMG_5532.JPG


Christmas day loving… Below on our way to the church (we got there an hour early on accident :) )

IMG_5541.JPG IMG_5538.JPGIMG_5537.JPG IMG_5535.JPG IMG_5542.JPG  IMG_5540.JPG  IMG_5539.JPG IMG_5647.JPG

If only we had REAL lemon lime bitters in America.. just missing that right lemonade and lime cordial… So good.


IMG_5648.JPG IMG_5545.JPG

The below pictures we started our day early with brunch at Tall Timber (one of the best we had – and we had a lot of brunch!) then took a short tram ride to the Royal Botanical Gardens.

IMG_5646.JPG IMG_5643.JPG IMG_5543.JPG IMG_5642.JPG

After walking around the gardens touring a bit we made our way to the Docklands… it was just over 7 miles and the perfect way for Cordie to see parts of Melbourne we had yet to visit!




And a great way to end our time in Melbourne – exhausted yet full of life, new friendships, laughter and trust for what 2015 has in store for us as individuals and as a couple.

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